August 08

In bed with Leolilly

Pretty simple: We used to work with each other a lot. We didn’t see each other for six years. We still got it. Right? Advertisements

Oktober 19

In bed with Anna

Looking through Facebook and Instagram makes me sad. So much talent – so little efford. I see pictures of great models and awesome photographers that don’t mean anything. Pretty pictures of pretty people. Nothing else. No passion, no self confidence, same shit, different location. That’s why I am so happy with this spontanious shooting with […]

Juli 03

Bathtime with Yuzzi

These shots of Yuzzi in a bathtub are already some days old. I think we shot them sometime in spring. These have nothing to do with the original concept for the shoot and it took me forever to figure out a way to edit them. Now I really like the dirty, black & grey look. […]

März 02

100% Nasti van der Weyden

Early last week I was lucky enough to shoot with Nasti van der Weyden again before she will spend some time in Japan. We planned this shoot for a while and one thing she said stuck in my mind. She said:“I am sick of doing meaningless photoshoots. Let’s do some serious photography.“ And that is […]

Januar 13

Combichrist Live

In August 2014 my friend Joe Letz asked me to take some new Band pics because Eric31000 joined the band. That’s when I got to meet the everybody in Combichrist and they are the nicest, coolest, most gentle bunch of people you can imagine. And they all go totally nuts on stage. I’ve been to […]

Januar 09

In the shower with Nasti van der Weyden

It is always great to see and shoot Nasti. She is such a unique character. These are a couple of portraits from our last shooting. Not much more to say than: Enjoy! You can find our older pictures here.

Januar 08

William Control

I had the pleasure to meet William Control for a photosession and interview for Tätowier Magazin from Germany while he was on tour with my buddies Combichrist. The man is awesome, has a lot to say and his stage presents is out of this world. He just announced a new record with his band Aiden. […]