2014-05-22_0007 Mai 22

Dorian in a Texas Hotel Room

Here is another shoot from my trip accross the states late last year. This was shot somewhere in Texas. To be honest: I forgot which city as Texas is such a big ass state and all those cities where so impressive. It all mixes up in my brain to one great Texas expirience. Again, this […]

2014-05-12_0021 Mai 13

Joe Letz

Some time back I had the pleasure to meet Joe Letz when I was shooting and interviewing his girlfriend Megan Massacre. Even Joe was pretty hungover that day he still was a supernice guy. As I met both of them several times after that I thought it is more than time to do a feature […]

2014-05-12_0002 Mai 12

In Bed with Marie

This is easily one of my very favourite shootings, not only of 2013 but in general. I love how it turned out, the light, the colors and of course Marie. She is pure awesomeness. We had so much fun shooting this, also because we confused the Hotel staff a lot I guess… Well, if you […]

2014-04-29_0001 April 29

In the woods with Nasti Van Der Weyden

I went to the mossy woods for a very unique shooting with Nasti van der Weyden. She is so sweet and unique. It’s been a real honor that she choose me as a photographer for this shoot. She is awesome!

melissa-14 April 22

In bed with Melissa

This series was shot on a very hot and humid day in a Hotelroom in New Orleans. I already had lots of fun planning this shooting with Melissa and the shoot itself was quick, easy and fun. So are the pics. Don’t you think?

2014-04-17_0007 April 17

In a tub in Anaheim – Airica Michelle

During my last visit to California I also had the great pleasure of shooting Airica in a tub full of milk in my Hotel room. I know, a tub of milk is nothing new. But look how great her awesome tattoos stand out in an all white bathroom, in a tub full of milk with […]

2014-03-25_0002 März 25

In bed with Eva

Old but gold. These pics with Eva were taken in a very cheap Hotel room in Kassel / Germany. Not the cool kind of cheap. The cheap and ugly kind of cheap. But hey: With Eva in the pic you won’t notice. Right?


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